Grow Ohio

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has created the Grow Ohio Incentive Program to help spur job creation in Ohio

This program is open to all new employers in Ohio, as well as any company that is expanding into Ohio, for the first time

ARM’s Grow Ohio Group offers 53% discounts on your BWC Premiums, often at only $50 per Policy!

To apply for this discount, please fill out the application below and we will do our best to send you a quote as soon as possible.

All of this information is secure and will not be shared with any outside sources.

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Submission to the Bureau must happen within 30 days of filing for coverage. Any delay may result in rejection from Group.

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** For purposes of the program, BWC defines a new employer as a new business entity or an out-of-state business that creates one or more jobs in Ohio on or after July 1, 2011. The following are NOT eligible for the Grow Ohio Incentive Program: professional employer organizations (PEOs), self-insuring employers, and employers transferring experience. Clients of a PEO in a full lease will not receive the discount off the $50 administrative fee but will remain eligible for the discount should the PEO relationship be terminated during the eligible Grow Ohio period for the client employer.

** BWC programs not compatible with the Grow Ohio Incentive Program include: EM capping, group-experience rating, group-retrospective rating, Large Deductible, One-Claim Program, and individual-retrospective rating.”

For any help with filling out the forms, or questions about the program, feel free to give us a call. 1-888-235-8051, or E-mail at