Group Retro

Group Retrospective Rating is an option for employers who are not traditionally eligible for group rating.

Our BWC-Certified Group Sponsor (NEOSC) pools employers in similar industry that meet their criteria. If the total future claims cost of the group stay under a prescribed BWC threshold, the group members receive possible premium refunds ranging from 10% to 43%+ for their individual premium paid.

Conservative underwriting reduces the chance of the members paying additional premiums and increases the chances of receiving the premium refunds.

As opposed to traditional Group Rating, the discounts may be much higher, but as the discounts are retroactively received, there is always some variation in how the group may perform. Discounts will only be estimates and may increase or decrease pending Group Performance.

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To qualify, an employer must meet several requirements, including:
• Be a private, state-fund employer or a public employer taxing district.
• Be current on any and all premiums, admin costs, assessments, fines or monies owed to the BWC
• Have active coverage by the application deadline.
• Not have cumulative lapses in workers’ compensation coverage in excess of 40 days within the 12 month preceding the application deadline.

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